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Whether you are starting a business or have been established for years, one common question is, which social media platforms should I use to market my business? The answer is so simple, this might be the shortest blog post you have ever read.

What Social Media Platforms Do You Use?

The point of social media is to allow people to get to know you and to help them find your business information, so they can connect. Socializing through social media platforms is digital networking. You need to feel comfortable with the platforms you use. Choose platforms you use yourself or platforms you would not mind using yourself. You could pay someone to post generic “blah blah blah” to your social media platforms, but is that really why people connect?

What Social Media Platforms Do Your Customers Use?

What social media platforms does your “typical” customer use? Do they read local information through their Facebook news feed? Are they scrolling through Pinterest posts for ideas that you happen to be an expert on? Determine what social media platforms your customers would use. Decide if you are comfortable using these platforms to market your business. If you are not sure which social media platforms to use, play around with a few to see what you like and where your customers are. In the end, spend the time where it is worth your time (aka. is making you money) and deprecate the ones that are not working for you.