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Deciding whether or not to use newsletter marketing for your business is tricky. Here are some of the key items you will want to consider when making your decision.

Pros of Marketing With Newsletters

  • You are marketing directly to current customers and encouraging repeat business.
  • You are marketing directly to potential customers who have requested to receive your newsletter.
  • Newsletters are another chance to show your expertise and why you are the business to choose.
  • Newsletters are a great way to keep a connection with current customers and let them know you are thinking of them.

Cons of Marketing With Newsletters

  • You need interesting content and actionable items.
  • Newsletters do not write themselves. It takes time to write a good article.
  • Digitally, you are vying for inbox attention and physically you are vying for mailbox attention.
  • Consistency is important. Are you able to commit to sending a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters?
  • Building a digital newsletter following requires marketing. For digital newsletters, you will want to familiarize yourself with CAN-SPAM laws to ensure you are not overstepping legal boundaries. e.g. Purchasing an email list is the wrong way to go, because nobody on the list has agreed to receive your newsletter.
  • Sending a physical newsletter has postage costs.