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Facebook offers users the ability to create additional “Pages” and additional “Profiles”. Pages and Profiles look very similar and it is super easy to create the wrong one. Pages with custom URLs and Profiles share the same URL structure, making the issue even more confusing.

Also, if you create a brand new Page, it will have a URL with the word “profile” in it. Did I mention this can be confusing? e.g. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555850677544. Once you are eligible to update the Page URL to a custom URL, the word “profile” will go away.

What is a Facebook Profile?

When you create a Facebook Profile, you are creating a place to share information about yourself. Why would you want two? There are many reasons, but let’s say you have a profile used to interact with family and friends and a second profile used to interact with business friends and acquaintances. Facebook also allows profiles to be used as a space for creators to share with fans.

What is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page is very similar to a Profile; however, it is for businesses, organizations, public figures, etc … If you are creating a social media presence for your business, this is the one to choose. This option is going to ensure you get all the features in the Meta Business Suite, so you can advertise, schedule posts, and see engagement information, called Insights.

How can you tell you set up a Facebook Profile instead of a Facebook Page?

To tell if you set up the wrong one, there are some subtle differences to look for.

An arrow pointing out why the image is a Facebook Page and not a Facebook Profile.
  • Look under the “Intro” section. If there is an “i” icon and the word “Page”, it is a Page.
  • If there is a “Friends Request” button, it is a Profile. If there is a “Like” button, it is a Page.
  • You may see “How healthy is your page” with actions you can take to improve your Page health.
  • If there are “Life Events”, it is a Profile.
  • If there are “Friends” it is a Profile, if there are “Likes” and “Followers” it is a Page.
  • If you jump over to the Meta Business Suite, you will see a drop-down allowing you to select a Page.

What to do if you accidentally created a Facebook Profile instead of a Facebook Page?

If you accidentally set up a Facebook Profile instead of a Facebook Page for your business, you have to start all over. Currently, you cannot convert one into the other. The only option is to start from scratch. Before you create a new Page or delete the unwanted Profile, make sure you take steps to ensure you do not lose your user name.

On the Profile, update the user name to something different than you plan to use for the new Page. I would tell you where to find it, but Facebook keeps moving the cheese, so I would be steering you in the wrong direction. Hold off on deleting the Profile until the Page is fully set up. This will allow you to copy and paste some of the information and decide if there are any posts you wish to enter on the new Page.

And if you don’t feel like dealing with a Page setup or made an oops, give 7 On The Hill a shout. Robin is fluent in computer application jank and will get it sorted for you at an affordable price.