How A Good Website Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy

where a good website fits into your business marketing strategy

You cannot control the path potential customers decide to take to reach your business, but you can make sure that all avenues are intriguing enough to encourage them to take the next step. Your business’s website is a chance to help customers learn more about you. It is a chance for those researching choices to discover why your business stands out.

Where A Good Website Fits Into A Service-based Business’s Marketing Strategy

If you are in the service industry, your goal is to get customers to call or email for an appointment or in some cases, to visit your store. When potential customers feel intrigued and comfortable, they will pick up the phone and make that call.

During the customer’s flow, they may be visiting your website to see if you can solve a problem they are having or if your business has something that fills their need. They are also likely doing research to better understand the business. Is the business a good fit for them? Why should they choose your business over your competitors’? This is a chance for potential customers to get to know you. When the website has satisfied their curiosities, they will decide whether or not to pick up the phone or send you an email.

The email or phone call is not the final step in winning the customer, though. The customer service experience from the initial phone call thru the estimate process are all touch points that can either close the sale or lose the sale. If the customer service experience is not a good experience or follow-up with the customer does not happen, all the other marketing efforts made are a moot point.

Where website fits into marketing strategy for a service based business.

Where A Good Website Fits Into A Restaurant’s Marketing Strategy

Marketing for a restaurant is a little different than marketing for a service-based industry, because all avenues have the potentials to lead to someone walking right into the restaurant and making a purchase vs making a phone call or sending an email first. To make it easier for customers to walk right through your door, you need to make sure all of the advertising has clear hours of operations and the address of the restaurant location. When it comes to a restaurant’s website, people are also looking for the menu, upcoming events, and photos that will allow them to push any excuses they have been making to the side, and instead, choose the experience the restaurant has to offer.

Where a website fits into a restaurant marketing strategy.

Where A Good Website Fits Into A Retail Marketing Strategy

While 7 On The Hill does not provide online retail websites, let’s take a look at how they differ from the other marketing strategies covered. For retail businesses with a store front, their strategy is going to look a lot like a restaurant’s marketing strategy. For online retail, the sole focus is to get everyone to the website and intrigue them to make a purchase.

Be the business that provides customers with an experience they will want to come back to again and again. When you create that kind of relationship customers will want to tell their friends and family about your business and that is the best marketing you can get.