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About Us

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Getting to know you and your business. Treating you like neighbors.

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Focused on getting you the best solutions for your business rather than for our pocketbook.

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Helping you reach your goals.

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Over 20 years of website and technical experience.

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We remember Usenet, but we focus on tools and strategies for today and the future.

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Who We Serve

We focus on small trade & service-based businesses, farmers, artists, nonprofits, health/fitness, and educators located in the Northampton County, PA, Upper Bucks County, PA, and Lehigh County, PA. We’re also happy to reach across the Delaware and give a helping hand to folks in the Riegelsville, NJ, Holland Township, NJ , Spring Mills, NJ, Milford, NJ, and Phillipsburg, NJ areas. (Hi, neighbors!) 

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Why We Do What We Do

We are a veteran-owned business located in the beautiful Williams Township area of Northampton County, PA. It is an area where we see people put aside their differences and help one another time and time again.

7 On The Hill was created to support the hard working people running small businesses in the community. We make sure local small businesses have affordable technical solutions, allowing them to focus on helping their customers and compete with “the big guys”.

At 7 On The Hill, we firmly believe family and quality of life are the highest priority. Your website should be something that adds value to your life, rather than creating anxiety, drama, or a long laundry list of constant todos. It also shouldn’t drain your marketing budget.

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Our Team

Owner (The Staff)

Robin and her dog Chas sitting in a field at Mariton nature preserve.

Chas and Robin hanging out at the local nature preserve.

Chief Morrow Officer

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William is in charge of moral, ensuring staff feels loved and break times are adhered to.