7 Common Problems With Social Media Pages

7 common problems with social media pages. Check yours.

You have a Facebook, Instagram, and Alignable social media page for your business and even created a Twitter profile, but do your social media pages have issues? Pop them open in another browser tab and let’s take a look.

Common Social Media Profile Issues

1. Website or Social Media Links Are Broken

Most social media pages allow you to add a website URL to your profile. Some even allow you to add links to other social media accounts. If the links are broken, curious customers can become frustrated and lose interest in what you have to offer.

In addition to website links being broken, some of the links work but take customers to a broken website, an expired domain landing page with no website at all, or to an entirely different website all together.

Always test links on your social media pages to ensure customers are getting the intended experience.

2. Out Of Date Or No Contact Information

Have you ever tried to email a business only to get an error message back? You decide you’d really like to give this company your business, so you try to call the business, but someone answers the phone claiming to be the answering service, asks you which business you are calling for, takes a message, and then you never hear back from the company? I have! Lucky for me, their competitor was more than happy to help me out with a $20,000 problem. (I’m actually really glad it happened, because I’m completely thrilled with the service I did get and love the solution.) Don’t let your out of date information be somebody else’s blessing in disguise.

Create a procedure checklist for yourself, so if you ever change your business name, address, email, website, or phone number, you know exactly what items need to be updated.

3. About Information Is Missing Or Uninteresting

Sometimes when businesses are setting up their social media pages, they toss in quick generic information as a placeholder, but never go back to update it. Don’t be a bore. Update the about section with something interesting and razzle dazzle your followers by telling them about what makes your business helpful to them.

4. Hours Of Operation Out Of Date Or Inconsistent Across Social Media Platforms

Do you have one set of hours on Facebook and a different set of hours on your Google Business page, or website? Imagine showing up somewhere, but the business is closed or you think you’re going to have time to meander and browse, but the business really closes in 5 minutes.

Add hours of operation changes to the procedure checklist you started in #2.

5. Great Posts, But Business Is Not Interacting With Followers

Some businesses have really great posts that inspire customer engagement, but when customers ask a question, the question goes unanswered.

Check in on your posts to see if they inspired engagement and build relationships by answering back. You can do this manually or by utilizing a social media tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Loomly, that allows you to schedule and monitor posts.

6. Great Post With Call To Action, But No How-to Information

Including a call to action on posts is a good practice. Make sure the call to action is easy to do by including the phone number, email address, or exact website link needed to perform the call to action. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a post asking people to “sign-up for” or do something and then failing to include a link or information on how, I could afford a luxurious vacation. I’ve even seen events posted with no location information.

Make it easy for customers to perform your call to action. Give them all the information they need to perform it easily and seemlessly.

7. Generic Posts

Everyone knows when a 3rd party has been hired to create generic content for social media accounts. Generic posts are fine every once in a while, but if you wish to engage customers, you need to be engaging.

Create a persona for your business, be yourself, have fun with it, but don’t be generic. Even No Name Brands has found a way to be interesting and grab attention. You can too.

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